Combined RYA Day Skipper Theory & Practical

Gain your RYA Day Skipper Theory & Practical certificates in 9 days


All RYA offshore sailing courses are run through Allabroad, Gibraltar; Menorca Cruising, Menorca; Skola Yachting, Croatia; Atlantic Sailing, Lanzarote.

The RYA Day Skipper theory and practical course run over 9 days is ideal for those with limited time who are looking for a convenient way to achieve both qualifications in one intensive Fast track Day Skipper course.

Many students find that completing the practical session straight after the theory really helps reinforce the learning process.

We offer a flexible approach to the itinerary of this course and the mix of theory and practical study to take individual learning requirements into consideration

This 9 day course will teach you everything you need to confidently navigate and skipper a yacht in familiar, tidal waters by day. It comprises 4 days of classroom based theory and 5 days of practical training.

On this course you will gain a thorough introduction to navigation and seamanship theory. You will cover subjects such as nautical terms, safety, chartwork, tides and tidal streams, meteorology, passage planning, pilotage and international regulations for preventing collisions at sea. On the practical side, you will learn basic skippering techniques and boat handling skills in a variety of mooring situations. Under the guidance of your instructor, you will be put in charge on short passages and cover subjects such as deck work, sail trim, ropework, emergency situations and man overboard drill.

Assessment for the theoretical element of the course is in the form of two short assessment papers. The practical consists of continual assessment by the instructor during the week.


We can provide this course at various locations, including Gibraltar and Menorca.
Price and inclusions dependant on location.

Contact us for further details.



Pre Requisites for the RYA Day Skipper Combined Theory and Practical Course:

  • Minimum Age 16
  • Competent Crew or
  • 5 days on board
  • 100 miles logged
  • 4 night hours

Frequent RYA Day Skipper Course locations

Our flexible approach of working in conjunction with boat owners & associate sailing schools, means that Howellsail have previously & can deliver cost-effective tailor-made RYA Day Skipper Practical courses anywhere in the world. Please contact us we will be very happy to discuss your needs.

Sailing tuition and charters in Gibraltar


Sail in a warm climate to 2 continents, 3 countries, all in 5 days! A fantastic learning environment with tides, shipping & good winds in an international setting of Gibraltar, Spain & Africa. Learn the customs & immigration procedures for entering foreign ports. Cheap flights available from UK. All courses & charters run in conjunction with Allabroad Yachting, Gibraltar.

Sailing tuition and charters in Menorca


A summer destination ideal for holiday charters & RYA practical courses. Richard Howell has been Chief Instructor at Menorca Cruising & has intimate knowledge of the island. Enjoy 5 or 7 day voyages in the sunshine, also an ideal base for extended cruising around the Balearic Islands of Majorca, Ibiza, & Formentera.

Recommended Reading for the RYA Combined Day Skipper Theory & Practical Course

RYA VHF Radio (inc. GMDS'S)

RYA International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea - 2nd Edition

RYA International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea outlines the regulations concerning what should be done when a vessel is coming into contact with any other vessels.

It is therefore a vital aspect of seamanship, as every person taking to the seas must be confident that they will know what to do in these situations.

Outlined within the chapters is information on the conduct of vessels in many different situations. These are clearly laid out, enabling the reader to accurately translate the rules.
£13.59 + £1.50 p&p. (UK) – Also available as an eBook

RYA VHF Radio (inc. GMDS'S)

RYA Navigation Handbook (G6)

Whether you are studying navigation as part of an RYA course or just want to know more about the art of navigation, this book is highly recommended. The RYA has adapted its Day Skipper, Coastal skipper,& Yachtmaster courses to reflect the fact that many sailors & motor boats now regard electronic instruments as their principal means of navigation. This book gives equal weight to both electronic & traditional methods, through both the means of power & sail. Tim Bartlett is one of the country’s leading experts on navigation. Tim learnt to navigate as part of his professional training at Dartmouth Naval College & then since leaving the navy has become the Technical Editor of Motor Boat & Yachting magazine.
£17.99 + £1.50 p&p – also available as an eBook
RYA VHF Radio (inc. GMDS'S)

RYA Navigation Exercises - 2nd Edition (G7)

The RYA Navigation Exercises – 2nd Edition is the only book to accompany all RYA training courses. As co-author of the Yachtmaster® & Day Skipper test papers, Chris Slade has revised & updated RYA Navigation Exercises to provide this 2nd edition of invaluable practice exercises & answers.

All vital aspects of seamanship are included, from estimated positions & tide tables to meteorology & maydays. Through full colour illustrations, this book follows the newly revised Yachtmaster® syllabus & includes recent developments in electronic chart plotting & GPS.
£21.49 + £1.50 p&p (UK) – also available as an eBook

RYA VHF Radio (inc. GMDS'S)

Symbols & Abbreviations (5011)

Essential for all mariners using Admiralty charts (both paper & ARCS), this publication illustrates Symbols & Abbreviations in full colour, along with full explanations. The publication also contains information on hydrography, topography & navigational aids & services.
£20.70 + £1.50 p&p (UK) – also available as an eBook
RYA Day Skipper Practical Course Notes

RYA Day Skipper Practical Course Notes (DSPCN)

The RYA Day Skipper Practical Course Notes has been compiled to complement the RYA Day Skipper Practical Course and draws on the cumulative experience of hundreds of experienced sailing instructors. The techniques shown or described are tried & tested and are suitable for most types of cruising yacht.

This book gives guidance on how to take charge of a yacht for a short passage. Includes planning, crew briefing, safety, boat handling, navigation, etc.
£11.99 + £1.50 p&p (UK)

RYA Day Skipper Handbook Sail

RYA Day Skipper Handbook Sail (G71)

This is the official handbook supporting the RYA Day Skipper Sail Course and is ideal for anyone looking to brush up on their knowledge to this level. It gives great practical and detailed advice on key skills, expanding on the course companion notes.

Being a good skipper is not difficult; it requires essential skills, knowledge, experience, patience, good communication and at times a sense of humour! This book is engagingly written and highly illustrated with the aim of equipping you with that essential knowledge and set of skills to help you build up your experience.
£18.49 + £1.50 p&p (UK) – also available as an eBook

RYA VHF Radio (inc. GMDS'S)

Reed's Skippers Handbook

Skippers Handbook (Sail or Power) (ZS72)

Includes latest maritime regulations & electronic techniques, & provides answers to most of the navigation problems that are likely to arise during a coastal passage.
£7.99 + £1.50 p&p (UK)

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